General printer troubleshooting: smart steps to do so

Lexmark printers are popular in the market, gaining application in many offices across Sydney as they are effective in giving great printing outputs. While great maintenance practices are fundamental for ensuring printers remain in great shape, they eventually succumb to breakdowns. When this happens, you will need the help of technicians who offer professional Lexmark printer repairs in Sydney. But before that, you can troubleshoot some common Lexmark printer problems.

Ensure it’s on

When dealing with printer problems, the first step always is to have the printer on. The printer is switched on when there is a green light. If there is no green light, then probably you will need to check the connection with a source of power to make certain that it’s receiving power. If there is still no printer power indicator, then you are facing a printer issue that needs professional Lexmark printer repairs in Sydney from a reliable agency.

Cables not connected

Two cables are supposed to be connected to a printer. There is power cable that supplies the printer with power, and then a data cable that connects the printer to the source, example a computer or a phone. Check to ensure that both these cables are present and connected to the required place.

Printer error when you have an orange or blinking light

After the printer has finished its initial set up, a solid light should be present. In case the indicator is either orange or blinking, then it indicates that there is an error in the printer. It could mean a paper jam or some issue with the toner cartridge. Regular Lexmark printer maintenance can help solve such issues. There are no particular standards for all printers, therefore, if you notice a blinking light, then visit the manufacturer’s site or check the printer manual in order to find the details of specific errors.

No paper jam

If you do not have paper, definitely your printer is not going to print. Therefore, ensure before any printing works that your printer has printer paper in the paper tray. Also ensure that there is no printer paper jam or a paper that has been partially fed into the printer. These are simple things you can fix on your own that don’t need you to budget for Lexmark printer repair cost.

Conduct self-tests on printer

Mostly all printers come with printing test page that allows users to test whether the printer is working as it should. It’s usually done by holding a couple of keys. If you are not sure whether the printer you own has this feature, you can contact your printer manufacturer’s website or go through your printer manual again for instructions on the same. Additionally, you can conduct software self-test to know whether the PC can detect the printer and its ability to print.

 Also sometimes the printer issue could be that you have not installed the required printer drivers.  You can, however, fix this problem by visiting the specific manufacturer’s driver pages or get professional Lexmark printer repairs in Sydney, from a reliable Lexmark printer service company.

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