Ideal Bed Headboard Options

We all love to retire to our bedrooms. Bedrooms should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. You may have your own bedroom in mind or that of your children, guest bedrooms or those in hotels or guest houses. You might not need to replace your bed frame or mattress, but a new bed headboard will give a fresh new look and feel to any bedroom. Changing the bed headboards, selecting matching bedside tables and even adding an ottoman is a clever and practical way to transform your bedroom.


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Whether you are setting up a new home or renovating and revamping existing bedrooms, you need to carefully consider the look, feel and practicality of the furniture and fittings.

The bed headboards are not only the focal point of the room but, like a fireplace to a drawing room, sets the tone for the room. It is therefore worth taking time to consider your choice of headboard and matching furniture. Matching bedside tables provide stylish functionality. Why not consider ottomans to enhance the effect and at the same time providing a clever way of adding valuable storage space. Your bed headboards and related bedroom furniture is an affordable indulgence which will transform your bedroom.

Wooden Headboards: Oak, Pine, Beech, Natural Wood

Wood is, and always has been, the natural choice for furnishing your home. A wooden headboard or bedhead is a beautiful and timeless focal point to your bed and bedroom. Buying Australian bed headboards that are 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6`, 5 ft. and 6 ft. size wooden headboards combine fine craftsmanship and inspired designs in a range of solid oak and wooden finishes including pine, oak, beech, ash and of course the white painted finish can be worth your while.

White Wooden Headboards: Ivory, Cream, Stone White

A white wooden bed headboard is an attractive and everlasting focal point to any bedroom making your bedroom a much calmer place to be. White furniture always makes rooms look cleaner to the eye. Our single, small double, double, king and super king white wooden bed headboards in Australia furniture shops combine fine craftsmanship and inspired modern and traditional designs. Including the classic shaker shape or the contemporary flat panel look in white ivory or stone finishes.

Metal Headboards Traditional: Antique Nickel Brass Black White

A metal headboard or bed head is a strong design statement, defining or accenting your individual style. Our range of single, double, king size and super king traditional bed heads are beautifully crafted centrepieces which will compliment any bedroom. Finely crafted and extremely sturdy range includes antique gold, nickel brass ivory and white finishes and crystal finials.

Leather Headboards: Real Leather. Faux Leather & Suede

There is nothing quite like the luxurious feel of real leather, even more, a bed headboard covered in it. Leather or faux suede make beautiful, durable bed headboards, which will instantly lift any bedroom, providing a strong yet understated ambience of quality, opulence and style. Suede or leather headboards provide a strong focal point to your bedroom, around which you can enjoy changing the look and feel of the room as a whole.

Metal Headboards Modern: Nickel, Black, Chrome, Silver

If you are looking for a contemporary style metal headboard to offset your modern design bedroom theme then our range of up-to-the-minute metal bed heads feature a wide range of styles and designs in a 3ft single, 4 ft small double, 4 ft double, 5 ft king and 6 ft super king. Contemporary metal headboards feature strong clean lines and wonderful geometric designs in a range of black shiny chrome nickel white silver and bronze metal finishes.

Upholstered Headboards: Padded Fabric Upholstered

An upholstered headboard provides stylish and comfortable features to your bed and bedroom. Some of the best bed headboards Australia shops like offer a wide range of modern and classical headboard designs in up to 50+ colours and textures from the leading upholstered headboards and furniture manufacture Stuart Jones, enabling you to find exactly the right fabric to match your curtains and other bedroom colours to suit your individual taste.