Lexmark Certified Professionals – Make a Wise Choice

A potential hike of 16.8% in the premium of shareholders of Lexmark is expected soon as the company goes private. Currently, the shares of the company in the market are rated at $34.66, which are going to be rated at $40.50 as the company will be acquired by a China and Asia based private corporate at a cash deal of worth $3.6 billion. With new take over, the market and sales approach of the company ought to change. Therefore, there are chances that the prices of Lexmark printers will also rise. So, it would rather be a cost-effective  measure to get a Lexmark printer repair service for maintenance instead of buying an all-new one which might be expensive.

Lexmark printer repair

Technical Certifications for Lexmark Printer Repair

Lexmark is a reputed and prime printer manufacturing enterprise. The printers manufactured by Lexmark are high quality, technically advanced and superior devices. Since they are quite expensive owing to their technological edge over other printers, their parts and components are also authenticated. The Lexmark Printer repair technicians are qualified professionals in the industry. With the rising demand for repairs of Lexmark printers, a cost-effective method of getting more service from a printer, the demand for quality technicians is also rising. This has led to the emergence of distinct certifications, which make a Lexmark printer service professional reliable. The most popular certifications are

·        Lexmark Authorized Reseller

·        Lexmark Authorized Service Provider

·        Lexmark Authorized Supplies Reseller

When to call for a repair service

There are numerous kinds of problems that occur with printers. However, you need to analyze the problem or symptoms in order to understand the right time to call for an expert help.

·        Loud rattling noise from the printer as it is put on

·        The printer does not detect a new printer

·        The paper gets jammed inside the printer every time you try for a print out

·        Paper does not feed in automatically

·        Printer stops printing in black color

·         Your printer suddenly turns off mid way of a printing

·        Cartridges inside the printer do not move flexibly

There can be many such instances when you need to call a Lexmark printer repair professional. It is better to look for a certified professional so that you get top-notch authentic service with quality parts directly from the manufacturers.

How to call a repair technician

Sydney is the operational hub of technicians and professionals. It is scattered with Lexmark printer repair service centers, which offer Lexmark service Sydney wide. You can call them if you have their number, or you can fetch their number from the Internet. They provide a range of services, including

·        On-the-spot printer repair

·        Changing of required parts

·        Monthly maintenance

·        Quarterly or Annual Package of Maintenance of printers

·        Evaluation of problem and guidance for solution

While contacting a Lexmark printer repair technician, you can also avail any of the package maintenance deals so that your printer is always under expert supervision, and that you do not have to face major issues with the printer. Check out Printer repairs